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Arsène’s goal is to highlight the Belgian artisans and small producers who make the reputation of our gastronomy, so we decided to create a blog paying tribute to them in order to allow you to follow the news related to our aperitif boxes. The aim of this blog is to allow you to learn a little more about the people who create our famous artisanal Belgian baskets. Below, you will discover the world of some of our producers. 

Corporate Breakfast Boxes made by Arsène

Corporate Breakfast Boxes made by Arsène

Corporate Breakfast Boxes An early meeting with a client, a Zoom meeting with your team ... Why not go for a quality   breakfast delivered at the office or at your employee's place ?  Often set aside because of a lack of time, breakfast tends to be replaced by a mere...

Welcome on board

Welcome on board

Hello everyone, We are delighted to see you again or to meet you online. We are? Who is it? Charles and Nicolas, two young entrepreneurs. Last year, we launched a project to promote the know-how of Belgian producers. ?? A few weeks ago, we both experienced an...

From tectonic plates to cooking plates

MadLab is the project of a passionate person. Cyril, a geologist, has gone from tectonic plates to hotplates. The concept? To create cookies that are free, even crazy, all artisanal and all organic. His philosophy? To use simple and noble raw materials such as spent grains to make original and complex recipes. The result ? A real delight that detonates thanks to the hard work done behind the stoves.

The first certified craftsman in Belgium

Active only since 2009 and the first to be recognized as a certified craftsman, Stéphane Dethier will not fail to surprise you with his green olive tapenades or vegetable spreads. Handcrafted in his Huccorgne workshop, his products are all certified 100% natural and without additives. It is therefore not surprising that Stéphane has chosen to name his farm: “Aux vraies saveurs”. On the palate, one finds freshness and an unforgettable taste.

Cooperation at the heart of a Belgian beer

This story is above all that of Stéphane Vlaminck. It began in 2008, when he decided to brew his first 30 litres of beer in the cellar of his house in Pécrot. 11 years later, his recipes and his know-how feed the now famous fox cooperative brewery.

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