A brewer trained all over the world

Telling the story of the Brasserie Belgo Sapiens is like telling the story of a long journey. This journey is that of Damien Demunter. From Madagascar to Canada with stopovers in France and the United States, Damien has forged his experience as a brewer throughout the world, discovering many techniques, both traditional and innovative.

After many years of wandering around, he decided it was time for him to start his own brewery. It was in Nivelles that this came into being following a meeting with the mayor of the town, which had not been a brewery until then.

By positioning himself as a fervent defender of home-made beer in cans, Damien wanted to break the codes of Belgian consumption. According to him, the metal of the can is an ideal insulator to prevent light from coming into contact with the beer and thus altering its taste.

When it comes to his creations, brewing a standard beer that is pleasing to everyone is not his goal. His main desire is to develop the craft beers he loves in order to share them with the rest of the world. To do so, he uses a different cereal for each of his creations. These are of American or German inspiration, which gives his beers very specific characteristics.

A successful gamble for the brewery, whose beers are very popular with consumers. Our three favourites? The Cheval Godet Triple, the Blanche de Thines and the Solarius, developed in collaboration with the Domaine du Chapitre.?

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