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Find the answers to all your questions about our boxes

An employee suffers from food intolerances, is it possible to adapt the box? 

In case of any food intolerance, we encourage you to contact us in order to modify the composition of the box for the person concerned.


Can I know the specific content of a box? 

In order to have the exact composition of one or more boxes, please contact us via the email address


Is it possible to order an assortment without alcoholic drinks? 

Of course, you have the possibility to substitute beers and wines with non-alcoholic Belgian craft drinks. Do not hesitate to contact us to discover our different possibilities without alcohol.


How are the products in the box selected? 

We select our products on the basis of their taste, their gustatory qualities and the possible combinations of flavours. The second step is to check their conformity with our charter.

Can I put a personal note in the box? 

You can of course send us a note to your employees to be inserted in the boxes. If the delivery time is short, it is important that the note is sent to us as soon as possible in order to meet the desired deadlines.


Can I put together the assortment for my employees myself? 

We offer you the possibility to create assortments according to your specific wishes. We can advise you on how to create a range of products that meets your needs.


How long do the products in the box take to taste? 

Generally speaking, all our products can be kept for a minimum of 3 months outside the fridge. However, depending on stocks, some products may exceptionally have a shorter shelf life. If you want to be sure that the products in your boxes have a particularly long expiry date, please let us know when you order.


Can the products be stored outside the fridge?

All of our products can be stored out of the fridge.

How are the boxes delivered? 

We can deliver the boxes to your office (single address) or individually to each employee. In the case of single deliveries, we take care of the delivery directly or with a trusted partner. In the case of individual deliveries we work together with Bpost.


What happens if the recipient is absent when the box is delivered? 

In this case, a note is delivered to the letterbox and the box is available at the nearest Bpost office.


An employee has still not received his box, what should I do? 

If an employee tells you that he or she has not received the box, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can find out why the box was not delivered.


Can I have boxes delivered to employees in Europe? And outside Europe? 

Of course we can deliver boxes in Europe or even worldwide, provided that the delivery costs are adjusted. As delivery times vary from country to country, we encourage you to discuss this directly with us so that we can plan for a few extra days of delivery.


A product in a box is damaged or missing, what should I do? 

If you have a problem with a product, we encourage you to come back to us as soon as possible so that we can find the most appropriate solution to the problem.

What are the different payment methods? 

Via our website you can pay directly with your usual credit or debit card. You will then receive the invoice according to the information you have given us. By contacting us for any specific order you will have the possibility to pay by bank transfer.


Are the different payment methods secure? 

All payment methods are secure. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information on this point.

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