From the artisanal production sites of our products to your coffee table, through our store. Find out all about Arsène’s rediscovery journey of the gourmet basket.

Passionate about gastronomy and local produce, Charles & Nicolas decided to set out to meet Belgian craftsmen. They undertook this journey in order to pass on to you the history of Belgian producers and to create moments of conviviality by making you discover their exceptional products.

The dna
of Arsene

Arsène is Nicolas’ grandfather. A pork butcher who has dedicated almost 50 years of his life to his passion and to the Belgian soil. Through Arsène, Charles & Nicolas wish to support Belgian craftsmen and highlight their know-how.

Their aim? To promote short supply chains and participate in the relocation of food circuits. With this in mind, they decided to offer companies easier access to Belgian artisanal products through the gourmet basket.

What We

We offer you the opportunity to introduce the Belgian gastronomic heritage to your employees and customers. Handmade using traditional or innovative techniques, the products that make up our aperoboxes reflect the history and know-how of the craftsmen who make them.

Moments to share

Happiness lies in our daily relationships with others, and contact with our colleagues largely determines our well-being at work. With our quality products, we want to contribute to moments of coziness among colleagues. We truly attach great importance to the development and well-being of your employees and to the team spirit within your company.

Our values

Arsène’s values all revolve around quality. This translates in the first place into the quality of the products we offer in each gourmet basket. Next to that, we pay particular attention to the quality of our service and the care we take to satisfy our customers’ needs as good as we can. Ultimately, we are genuinely committed to quality of life. Creating cosy moments together within companies is therefore central to us.

Our mission

Arsène’s mission is to relocate food chains by offering companies easy access to Belgian and artisan products of exceptional quality.

Our history

Behind Arsène are Charles and Nicolas, two long-time friends. Passionate about gastronomy and local produce, they decided in 2019 to set out to meet Belgian artisans. Our two gourmands are undertaking this journey with one objective in mind: to pass on to you the history of Belgian producers and create moments of conviviality. To do this, they intend to make you discover their exceptional products.

For almost six months, they travelled around Belgium and visited more than 150 craftsmen. They discovered their stories, their daily lives and, above all, the creations that are the pride of these goldsmiths of taste. Enthused by their discoveries, they thought of a way to promote these producers in a new light. Through their initiative, they also wish to participate in the relocation of food chains. Aware of the important role that companies can play in this important issue, they decided to help them position themselves as agents of change. Arsène’s mission is now clear: to relocate the food supply chain by offering companies easier access to Belgian and artisanal products.

To do this, they created a gourmet basket. The first witness of their adventures, this size of filled basket is sold to more than 110 copies in the space of a month. Charles & Nicolas are convinced: the Arsène adventure can start and it has a great future ahead of it.

The current team






Marketing & Communication Manager

Join us

Join us

Arsène is a team of dreamers who wish to highlight Belgian craftsmen. In order to take our adventure even further, we are expanding our team.

We are therefore looking for talented people who are motivated by food issues and want to learn within a young and dynamic team.

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