A seasonal aperitif to be enjoyed everywhere

A seasonal aperitif ready to be enjoyed anytime and anywhere?

This is the wish of Kevin and Christophe, two friends from Brussels. In 2017, they decided to create vegetable tapenades in such a practical format that you can dip almost anything you want into them: The dips were born. ??

Inside the pot? Seasonal vegetables, locally produced and organically grown. ? Organic certification has been added to the dips this year and, as such, congratulates Kevin and Christophe on their work. The tapenades contain 100% vegetables and are also certified additive-free. From a nutritional point of view, they are extremely interesting and very low in calories. Finally a way to eat five fruits and vegetables a day with a smile.

In all, Kevin and Christophe offer us five flavours: parsnip, zucchini/spinach, butternut, beetroot and carrot. A healthy snack to be enjoyed with a good glass of Belgian wine.

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