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Skipping breakfast: a habit favoured by some scientists

In a fast-paced world, it is becoming rare to take time out to enjoy the present moment. Breakfast is no exception to this rule. It is often put aside and replaced by a coffee or a takeaway. While the issue of eating breakfast has always been divisive, new trends such as intermittent fasting have made the debate even more polarised.

livraison petit-déjeuner

The issue of breakfast intake has been discussed many times by experts.
Si on en croit Robert A. Heinlein : ” On ne devrait pas assister même à la fin du monde sans un bon petit déjeuner “.

This practice, which is becoming increasingly popular, aims to detoxify the body. The concept is simple: to extend the period during which the digestive system regenerates itself. Some scientists claim that our body is not designed to eat all the time. They therefore recommend a daily fast of about 16 hours, as opposed to an 8-hour period during which we eat. The most common schedule is to eat between 12 noon and 8pm and then fast until midday the next day.

The positive effects of intermittent fasting

In the book “Is there a medical benefit to fasting?” (J-L. Shlienger, 2015), we learn that fasting leads to a reduction in stress. It also results in weight loss and inflammatory reactions. In addition to these positive effects, J-L Shlienger adds that it increases immunity and plays a major role in the prevention of cancer. There are therefore many advantages to this method, which has the virtue of slowing down the appearance of degenerative diseases.

In “Comment être plus productif grâce au jeûne intermittent? (P. Favrel, 2021), fasting is presented as one of the solutions to achieve increased productivity. When it is in a state of deprivation, the body reacts through a hormonal upheaval. It goes into a “state of alert”.  The body will increase the secretion of catecholamines, adrenaline, noradrenaline and dopamine. According to experts, the productivity gain can be up to 150%.

But what do the ‘pro-breakfast’ experts and dieticians think about this?

Skipping breakfast delivery: a bad idea according to others

“Omitting the morning meal disrupts your hunger hormones and encourages you to overeat later in the day” (Kim Larson, 2018)


This Seattle dietician also mentions that skipping breakfast has consequences for efficiency at work. Thus, there would be an alteration in concentration and a decrease in attention and productivity.

In the study Breakfast: The most important meal of the day? (2017), Charles Spence argues that eating breakfast is crucial. According to him, skipping this meal would lead to an increase in coronary heart disease. Cahill et al. demonstrated this in a study completed in 2013. The study was carried out on nearly 27,000 men over a 16-year follow-up period. At the end of the study, a 27% increase in the risk of coronary heart disease was attributed to skipping breakfast.

Coronary heart disease is not the only problem. A BBC article states that not eating breakfast increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 20%.

Why take a breakfast box?

The elements that make up a good breakfast have several advantages. Let’s start with a staple: coffee. According to a study published in 2013 by Lucas et al, it has been shown to act as an antidepressant, provided it is consumed in moderation. The study goes even further as it was determined that the first food eaten in the morning influences the mental well-being and health of individuals.

These have an influence on the functioning of the body. What you eat first influences, for example, the resetting of your metabolism. These foods also have an effect on regulating blood sugar levels, managing your weight and improving heart health and cognitive function. In addition, breakfast helps you to stop snacking and improves brain functions such as language and concentration.

But what to eat at that first meal?

In order to benefit from the positive effects of breakfast, it has to be balanced. But what do we mean by balanced?

In order to contain all the nutrients your body needs, breakfast should consist of the following: protein, fibre, vitamins and good fat. For example, a balanced breakfast consists of :

  • oilseeds: rich in Omega 3, fatty acids that are essential for the proper functioning of the body and the development of the brain
  • fruit: it accelerates the feeling of satiety
  • eggs: rich in protein, they promote the production of dopamine, creating a feeling of well-being and motivation
  • Quality carbohydrates: unlike white bread, which causes an increase in insulin production, wholemeal bread or muesli offer a quality source of energy with a low glycemic index
  • Green tea: rich in antioxidants and theine. The former helps to prevent certain diseases, the latter promotes attention and memory

Start the day with an Arsène breakfast delivery

In our breakfast delivery box you will find all the nutrients mentioned above. It offers you everything you need to start the day on the right foot.

First of all, vitamins and pleasure with the traditional jams of La Jolie Confiture. These are made in old pots of only three litres. This way, the fruit pieces remain intact and their flavours are preserved, as well as the nutrients. Contrary to common belief, jam is full of goodness. Dr. L. Chevallier says that cooking the fruit does not alter the presence of minerals such as magnesium or potassium. The same is true for some of the B vitamins. Moreover, the beta-carotene in red fruit is better assimilated when cooked.

For those with a sweet tooth, the jam can be spread on peanut butter from the Buddy Buddy workshops. This product, rich in omega 3, provides our body with “good fat”. Therefore, consuming in moderation (10 to 20 grams per day) a good organic peanut butter without palm oil or added sugars is extremely interesting and does not promote weight gain, contrary to popular belief.  It is even recommended for diabetics. So trust Julien and Matt, our two sportsmen take care of your health with their delicious nut butters.

If you’re looking for another source of oilseeds, Eugène Chocolatier’s pure praline is made from 71% hazelnuts straight from Piedmont. When the hazelnuts are roasted, they lose only 10% of their vitamin E.

When it comes to carbohydrates, Lily’s Granola has created an original blend of pumpkin and orange peel. A great source of energy and quality, all with a low glycemic index.

What about the drinks?

To add some antioxidants to our breakfast delivery box, we have reserved the Verger de la Chise juices for you. Squeezed with the skin on, these fruits are packed with anti-inflammatory nutrients and have many health benefits.

In terms of coffee, there is Bioco for capsules and J.J. Looze for bulk. Both are 100% Arabica. The Arabian coffee plant has the virtue of creating beans that are less caffeinated. As mentioned earlier in the article, coffee can act as an antidepressant, but it is important that the amount of caffeine remains under control.

Finally, Naina teas bring a real dose of positivity. Naina is a bubbly woman who wants to bring well-being through simple moments. To do this, she has created different ranges of teas to suit different moods and times of the day. Her motto: pleasure and well-being. In our breakfast box, you will find the hibiscus mix. An aromatic herb whose benefits against high blood pressure have been widely proven.

The final word

In short, breakfast is a divisive issue among health professionals. While some experts are convinced that it is absolutely necessary, others are convinced that skipping breakfast is extremely beneficial for the body. In any case, breakfast is also a moment of pleasure and conviviality. That’s why our breakfast delivery consists of products of rare quality that are ready to be shared. Our goal? To offer you a unique tasting experience and a timeless moment with your family, friends or colleagues.

A great way to start the day with a smile and fully recharged batteries!

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