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Belgian products:

All our products are made in Belgium, preferably with Belgian raw materials. However, within the current framework, we have decided to work with people who process raw materials that are not necessarily produced in Belgium. Indeed, very early on in our research, we realised that certain sectors had to import raw materials from abroad due to climatic or supply problems. Nevertheless, the product is 100% processed and finalized in Belgium. For example, Stéphane Dethier might have difficulties creating tapenade with only Belgian raw materials.

Resulting from the short circuit:


Today, the term short circuit is used to illustrate many different realities. We have personally chosen to focus on the definition of the Portail de l’agriculture SPW, which states that “The short circuit is a method of marketing agricultural and horticultural products, whether raw or processed, in which at most one intermediary intervenes between the producer and the consumer. “Other definitions are broader with the number of possible intermediaries in the short circuit, but we have decided to limit the fact that we are the only intermediary between the producer and the consumer.


Manufactured in an artisanal way:


In this case, one looks at the definition recognised by the Belgique, which is based on 3 Criteria:


Be registered with the ECB (like any other contractor);

Carrying out an activity of production, transformation, repair or restoration of objects or products of the mouth, or provision of services with essentially manual aspects (construction, services and food sectors are included);

Have fewer than 20 workers.

By small producers:

This criterion is another subject of discussion. At Arsène, we have decided to work with individuals or people who have created their own business but whose workforce does not exceed 5 Full-Time Equivalents. Indeed, if the image of the small producer carrying out all his productions and tasks is present in the collective imagination, we wanted to work with other people, all equally passionate, who are helped in production or related tasks by cooperators, families or employees up to 5.

Paid at the right price.

Last but not least, we do not allow ourselves to negotiate prices with producers. We work with them and their products because we find them tasty, exceptional but we do not try to reduce their margins. So, if we like the product, if it combines well in terms of flavour and if it fits in with our logistical and financial possibilities, we accept the producer’s prices so that everyone can find their way.

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