In Belgium, St. Nicholas represents a warm moment of the year for many young and old alike. 

Indeed, many companies have a tradition of giving their employees a small office gift on St. Nicholas’ Day. 🎅🏻

And many families give gifts to the little ones. However, this year, although families will be able to celebrate the feast in a small family circle as usual, the Big Saint will probably not be able to gather the teams around him. 

Nevertheless, Saint Nicholas will have the opportunity to take the chimneys back to the homes of the teleworking employees to allow everyone to have a convivial time. 

Indeed, in this situation where online orders are becoming, temporarily or permanently, much more important, many Belgian craftsmen, producers and traders are working, innovating and creating in order to give online access to their products. 👩🏼‍🌾👨🏻‍🍳

In a situation where we are talking about many large players taking more and more market share, many local initiatives are developing on the internet offering quality products with transparency on their origin. 

We could mention in particular Paysans-Artisans in Belgium, a cooperative offering fresh and dry food products mainly from the Namur region. In the textile sector, we think of WeDressFair in France which sells clothing online with 100% transparency on its origin and the way it is created. 

So, for small and big alike, this year, support local companies that are transparent about the product, its history and origin. 

Enjoy your aperitif, 

Arsène Team.