Annick comes from a farming family in Felenne, a village in the Belgian Ardennes. Joined by her husband Alain, she continues the activities of the family farm for years.

As farmers, Annick and Alain are in the front line in meeting the difficulties of life as a producer over the last few years, which has led them to take on other jobs from time to time.

But, still passionate, the couple decided to start making some jams with the products of the orchard, using the products of their remaining years of market gardening.

This is when they came up with the idea of developing this concept by transforming the products from their orchard in a traditional and environmentally friendly way.

The problem is that in 2004, the people were particularly sceptical about the future of this project in this remote corner of the French border.

Never mind, Annick and Alain redoubled their efforts, working during the week to go through the markets of the Namur region at weekends in order to find their first followers.
Little by little, Les Saveurs du Verger begin to find their marks and to have exceptional products thanks to endless tests. Jams, vinegars, vinaigrettes, olive oils, fruit juices, spreads, the know-how acquired over the years gives ever better results.

And the first testers of new products are very often the people who are fasting in a centre in the middle of nature nearby Felenne. Excellent choice because these people having the more developed taste after a few days without eating.

In 2020, Annick and Alain can be proud of their know-how developed over 16 years, which now meets more and more adepts seeking to consume local and tasty food.

Joined in their adventure by their son who is finishing his studies in Gembloux and who works on new recipes around mushrooms, the project does not stop innovating.

In keeping with their values, Saveurs du Verger only sell their products through various cooperatives, small grocery shops and short sales circuits.

Arsène is therefore proud to be able to present its products in his aperitif boxes.

One last word, if you pass close to Felenne, take the opportunity to say hello to Annick who will talk to you with love about her products.

Approved by Arsène!