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Arsène’s DNA

The reason why we launched Arsène is to create a unique link between small belgian producers and consumers. Arsène is also this unique person which goes to farm and small factories to create tastefull aperitif gift boxes of products ready to be tasted by your company.

Since 2019

Our Story


Behind Arsène stand Charles and Nicolas, two long time friends. Concerned about the quality, provenance and conditions of production of the food we consume, the two gourmets we are have often come up against incomplete information.
Investigating our favorites products, we have been confronted with manufacturing methods incompatible with our values. We were determined to find a way to put the artisans back in the spotlight. But how could this be done ? To do so, we first had to meet with the belgian producers and get their opinions. To this end, we travelled 25,000 kilometres across Belgium to meet the craftsmen of our flat country. As demand grew, we decided to create a few aperitif gift boxes. These were composed of products from different craftsmen and were intended for our friends and family.

As the sales circle was rapidly expanding, we looked into a way of doing more to put the producers in the spotlight. So we decided to create “discovery cards”. The aim of these is to tell the daily life of the belgian producers, their stories and how their products are made. Arsène was born. As a result of the success of these assortments, we started dreaming. 


It is within this framework that we decided to launch ourselves in order to promote the work of small producers from all over the country, by creating associations of daring and innovative flavours to propose to companies. 

Why arsène?

As the aim of our initiative is to put the small Belgian producers in the spotlight, we decided to define ourselves with a first name. The latter would become a fictitious producer, accompanying and advising us as we discover new things. As for the first name Arsène, it is quite simply the first name of Nicolas’ grandfather, one of the co-founders, who was once a charcutier.

Our Mission

To promote our country’s producers by offering companies a simple, fast and personalized offer of Belgian aperitif products. 

Our Values

As the aim of our company is to promote belgian producers, we’ve decided to create a chart. Arsène promotes belgian products, from the short circuit and made in an artisanal way by small producers remunerated at the right price.

they trust us


Our business model relies on our relationship with the belgian producers but also with our clients. Therefore, you have the opportunity to contact us directly by phone. Here are some relationships feedbacks of our historical clients.

Florianne Van Frayenhoven


“My collaboration with Arsène has been a real pleasure. Professionalism, products of exceptional quality and also, an irreproachable and very pleasant service.”


Lauranne La Rose


“During this particular period, Arsène was able to be extremely flexible in order to meet our needs. Focused on the customer experience, they brought flavours to our E-events.”


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