Welcome on board

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Hello everyone,

We are delighted to see you again or to meet you online. We are? Who is it? Charles and Nicolas, two young entrepreneurs. Last year, we launched a project to promote the know-how of Belgian producers. ??

A few weeks ago, we both experienced an extremely important moment for us. Arsène, our youngest child, was officially born. After several months of work, the company is finally incorporated. ?️

Active since our beginnings with the aim of supporting Belgian craftsmen and small producers, we have decided to breathe new life into our initiative. We are therefore professionalizing the project. However, our mission is still the same. We want to showcase Belgian products made by small producers who are paid a fair price and who are produced in an artisanal way. ???

A year of adventure, then. A year during which we worked hard and thought a lot, supported by our relatives and our coach Jean-Louis. They challenged us, but also helped us to reach our goals and we thank them for that. ✅

This year has also been a year of warm encounters and discoveries. From now on, our desire is to share them with you. ?? After these months of work and reflection, we feel that we have found the path that most echoes our values and our message. The path of professional gifts. By choosing professional gifts, we have the opportunity to get our message across to a wider audience. We also have the opportunity to offer companies consumption possibilities that are in line with their values. ?

We have therefore created four aperitif assortments made up of products with finely combined flavours and available in different ranges. The next step? To offer companies a warm contact, proximity, personalised follow-up and great availability to create links. ♾️

As for the first name Arsène, it is a nod to the grandfather of ‘Nicolas, once a pork butcher, and also for its universal aspect.

If you wish to support us, do not hesitate to follow our adventures and to communicate about our initiative around you!

Apéritivement vôtre,

Charles et Nicolas ?