Belgium is a land of tradition for chocolate and chips but also for beer.

Nevertheless in Brussels, Brewksel has decided to take tradition in reverse with anti-traditional beers, worthy of a new wave brewery.

Brewksel beers are a crazy and ambitious project of two friends: Julien Romain and Anthony Vaccarello.

It all started in 2016 when they challenged each other to produce their own beers for their own pleasure and for their friends.

Since then, the passion has won out and the two friends brew all the time to improve their recipes or to discover new ones.

Playing with lots of different ingredients and not stopping themselves from doing anything, Brewksel discovered by surprise a first innovative recipe with Brussels sprout flavours, Brewksel’s Proud.

After this first nicely transformed trial, the work started again with the creation of a blonde, the Sansho, which went through 16 different trials during 8 months.

Creator-brewers, Julien and Romain currently brew at the brewery l’Annexe located near the Parvis de Saint-Gilles.

You can find their beers in some Brussels bars and restaurants in normal times.

Don’t be discouraged, however, you can still discover them from home, especially for an e-apero.

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Team Arsène.